An interesting Way to Make Money Online

I found this site today and couldn't resist to share it with you. This site pays you in cash for asking questions and answering others' question. You get five points for each correct answer and then you can add your own question, but it should be related to the question you answered. You will again get 5 points for asking the question. Let me explain. You join the site and start with answering a question that you find simple enough to answer i.e. Which is the capital of Scotland? You will have 5 choices, you select Edinburgh and click. You are credited 5 points. Now you are eligible to ask a related question. You may ask: Which is the main musical instrument of Scotland. You have to give 5 options along with the correct answer. You get 5 points for that. When you have enough points in your account, you can redeem them for cash. The payment is done through paypal.
I liked this site because it is different from run of the mill ppc sites and it is fun to answer questions and frame your own questions.

Make Money by Watching Small videos

There is a site which shows you small video and clips and pays you for watching these videos. I was a little skeptical to join Buzzshed make money online program. You never know what you will be shown, in those videos! But my doubts were unfounded, as the site first gets you to fill up some information about your interests. And none of the interest areas was related to adult or porn sites. The questions asked are very common, such as , how often do you like to watch movie on dvd, hangout with friends, purchase beauty products etc. You have to answer on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 stands for never and 5 is for all the time. So if you are spending all your waking hours, surfing the net, then you should tick no.5 when you are asked about your internet activity.
You are free to set the minimum reward for the clips to be shown. Say you set the limit at $1, then you will only be shown the videos starting from $1 and above. So its better to set your reward at the minimum amount, this way you will get more videos to watch.Buzzshed is a good site for making money by watching small videos.

Payperpost: A review

Payperpost is the Mecca for bloggers who want to make money blogging.They have lots of opportunities. But many bloggers don't like the site much, because of their holier than thou attitude. They require adding sponsored post tag in each post and a site wide disclosure too.Bloggers complain that payperpost tries to control what they should write and how they should write. Blogger are convinced that payperpost is more interested in filling their own pockets by keeping the advertisers happy at all costs. Most bloggers have experienced that their complaints concerning advertisers' wrong demands always fall on the deaf ears. But as I said that there are many opportunities here, you can try payperpost if your blog get accepted at all. Most of the opportunities are for US and Canadian residents only, so if you have a high page rank, it is no indication that you will get an opportunity as you are living elsewhere. I have added one blog here and it accepted while I was in the process of writing this post. I have yet to post for a campaign for paperpost, lets see how things work out.

Learn How to Earn Money From Your Blog

I will be telling you through this tutorial how to monetize your blog. I assume that you have come to this blog, then you already know something about paid reviews and blog advertising. Internet has become a major playground for advertising and marketing companies.
Their main focus is now advertising through blogs. Search engines love blogs, because they are rich in unique content and the content change regularly. Companies need blogs to create buzz for them. They get back links, and visitors through these blogs which write sponsored posts about them.
So you see blog advertising benefits both bloggers and advertisers.
Lets start making money from one of the best paid to blog programs, which is calledSponsored Reviews. It is a site which creates a marketplace for bloggers and advertisers. Adverisers put their ads and link requirement on sponsored reviews and bloggers bid on these opportunities.Sponsored Reviews takes 35% of the fees paid to bloggers.Their system helps bloggers to fix a rate for their blog posts, in case an advertiser wants to offer work to a blogger, instead of putting it in the marketplace. This system may be effective, but I have yet to get a direct offer from an advertiser. But at least you get to know the value of your blog, and you can make an estimate that how much you should charge. You are free to set your own price, the site's places no restriction on it.
There are many opportunities available on sponsored Reviews. You get to bid a minimum of 10 opportunities each day. This paid reviews site pays every two weeks and they are very regular in handing out the payments. I have been paid three times till now and never had any issues about my blogging income.If your blog has thirty days old, then first try your luck at Sponsored Reviews. Good luck making money blogging.


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Another Blog About Making Money Online?

There are a lot of opportunities on the web to make money, and I didn't know about them when I started blogging 9 months ago. The hard work of all these months made me notice that I have got a lot of things now to share with fellow bloggers. So here I am with my ideas and thoughts on how to get rich through internet and creative ideas. I will be blogging as often as I can, as I have some other blogs to look after to and then there is my little angle who is 2 years old. I have to attend to her as well.
I want to make this blog as interactive as possible, so that we all benefit from it. any suggestions are always welcome from fellow bloggers. The basic idea for starting this blog is to explore ( and share) money making opportunities on the internet. I am of the firm view that internet can provide you a sustainable income, given you put some good efforts first. Which is a pre requisite to succeed in any field.